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Ao Phrao Beach Beaches Almost 1000 meters of white sand make Ao Prao Beach or Haad Ao Phrao one of the longest and most beautiful … »
Koh Kood Divers Diving Koh Kood’s number one choice for your marine adventures. At Koh Kood Divers the guests are … »
Koh Kood Island Resort Resorts Koh Kood Island Resort is remotely located at Ao Yai Kerd Beach in the North-East of the island. … »
Koh Kood Princess Boat The daily operating Koh Kood Princess brings you from Laem Sok to Ao Salat pier in Koh Kood in 1 hour. … »
108 Shop Shop 108 Shop (Roi Pet Shop in Thai) is located along the main road opposite Koh Kood Hospital in Klong … »
A-Na-Lay Laem Sok Hotel A-Na-Lay Check In & Chill Out is a brand new accommodation at Laem Sok pier which is where the … »
A-Na-Lay Resort Resorts A-Na-Lay Resort is situated next to quiet and beautiful Sai Daeng Beach where it’s built … »
Ao Jark Beach Beaches Ao Yark or Hat Ao Jak is a remote and pristine bay in the South of Koh Kood. If you’re looking … »
Ao Noi Beach Resorts Ao Noi Beach or Hat Aow Noi is a beautiful beach of only 200 meters along the central West coast of Koh … »
Ao Noi Resort Resorts Ao Noi Resort is situated on a quiet but central location with stunning Ao Noi Beach all to itself. … »
Ao Phrao Beach Resort Resorts Ao Phrao Beach Resort is located in the most Southern bay of Ko Kut which is very untouched. More than … »
Ao Tapao Beach Beaches The longest beach on Koh Kood is Ao Tapao Beach (also spelled as Haad Tapaw & Aw Taphoa) with more … »
Ao Yai Viewpoint Things to See This viewpoint along the main road towards the East Coast of Koh Kood offers beautiful views of the … »
ATM Koh Kood Since 2015 there is a small bank with ATM on Koh Kood. The 24h operating ATM can be found along the main road opposite the Ko Kut District Office very close to Koh Kood Hospital and the soccer field.
Away Resort Resorts Away Resort occupies one of the best locations on Koh Kood with bungalows overlooking the very picturesque … »
B&B Coffee House Café B&B Coffee House is a small but popular coffee shop in the fishing village Khlong Mat. Besides … »
Baan Chom View House for Rent Baan Chom View is a spacious two-bedroom house for rent close to Klong Mat fishing village. Many … »
Baan Klong Chao Bungalows Baan Klong Chao is situated along Klong Chao river where it enjoys very nice river view and a quiet … »
Baan Raw Homestay Home Stay Baan Raw Homestay is located in the middle of Klong Mat fishing village along the West coast of Koh … »
Baan Suan Homestay Home Stay Baan Suan is a lovely homestay & coffee shop close to Bang Bao Bay. Easily accessible by road … »
Ban Ao Yai Things to See Ao Yai is one of the two main fishing villages on Koh Kood. It’s located in the South-East and was … »
Bang Bao Bay Beaches Ao Bang Bao or Haad Bang Bao is a beautiful well-known area on Koh Kood which is located in the South … »
Bang Bao Home Restaurant Bang Bao Home is located next to Bang Bao junction along the main road in the South-West of Koh Kood. … »
Bangkok Airways (Trat) Trat Airport must be one of the cutest airports ever with its green elephants greeting travelers … »
Bann Makok The Getaway Resorts Bann Makok is a lovely hidden guest house built on poles in a small river and surrounded by mangrove … »
Bartist Bar Bartist is located along the main road in the back of Klong Chao area, in front of P.D. Guest House … »
BB Divers Diving BB Divers Koh Kood has opened in October 2011. The first … »
Captain Hook Resort Resorts Captain Hook Resort occupies one of the most idyllic locations on Koh Kood. In the North West of the … »
Captain Shop Shop The shop of Gag & Mali has changed location in 2014. They’re now more to the North of the … »
Chaiyo Restaurant Restaurant Chaiyo Restaurant on Koh Kood is a small but very popular eatery in Ngamkho Bay. As this area … »
Cham’s House Resorts Cham’s House is one of the newest luxurious beach retreats on Koh Kood along beautiful and remote … »
Doy Guest House Guest House This is your place if you’d like to experience the local way of life on Koh Kood! … »
Dusita Koh Kood Resorts Dusita Koh Kood is a family run resort in central Ngamkho Bay. A good starting point to explore … »
Eve House Bungalows Eve House Koh Kood is the newest budget accommodation on Koh Kood and it’s not in the Klong … »
Far East Resort Bungalows Far East Resort Koh Kood is located inland at the back of Ngamkho Bay among many palm trees and two … »
Far East Restaurant Restaurant Far East Restaurant is a family run restaurant along the main road that leads through Ngamkho Bay … »
For Rest Boutique House Guest House The For Rest Boutique House is hidden in a fishing village along a small river in the South West of … »
Goodview Bungalows Bungalows Goodview Bungalows Koh Kood is the latest addition to popular Ban Klong Chao, located on the rocks next … »
Gumm Lonely Club Home Stay Gumm Lonely Club is a lovely new riverside homestay in a small fishing village near pristine Ao Prao … »
Guy Restaurant Restaurant Guy Restaurant is located on top of a hill next to the main road that leads through Ngamkho Bay … »
Happy Days Guest House Guest House Happy Days Guest House and Paradise Divers share the same location right behind beautiful … »
High Season Resort Resorts High Season Resort is the newest addition to Klong Chao Beach which is also called “The Millionaires … »
Hin Suay Bar A very nice little bar and ice cream (home made) shop in the Klong Chao area… Build on the … »
Horizon Resort Resorts Horizon Resort occupies a unique location in a very natural setting on the Southern headland of … »
Huang Num Keaw Waterfall Waterfall Better known as The Secret Waterfall or The Hidden Waterfall but since 2012 a graveled road crosses … »
I-Lay House Resorts I-Lay House is the newest beachfront accommodation of Koh Kood and it’s quite a special one. … »
Jimmy Hut Bungalows Jimmy Hut is located along the main road in Ban Bang Bao next to Chiang Mai Restaurant. Both places … »
Katen Sea Food Restaurant Katen Sea Food is a local style restaurant along the main road through Hin Dam area, close to Koh Kood’s … »
Kep’s Shop Shop Kep’s Shop is along the main road that goes through the Klong Chao area. In Thai language Kep … »
Khao Rearub Things to See Khao Ruearub (Battleship Mountain) is located inland behind Ngamkho Bay. It’s part of a nature … »
Khlong Hin Beach Beaches Ao Khlong Hin is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood with a pristine beach of about 400 meters long. … »
Khlong Hin Beach Resort Resorts Khlong Hin Beach Resort is located at beautiful Khlong Hin Beach. The resort caters mainly to Russian … »
Klong Chao Beach Beaches Klong Chao Beach or Hat Khlong Chao is a beautiful beach with a central location. It’s the most … »
Klong Chao Waterfall Waterfall About 70% of Koh Kood is covered by ancient tropical rainforest with Klong Chao Waterfall or … »
Klong Yai Kee Waterfall Waterfall Klong Yai Kee Waterfall or in Thai language Nam Tok Khlong Yai Ki is smaller than the Klong Chao Waterfall … »
Klongmad Goodview Homestay Home Stay Klongmad Goodview Homestay is a spacious new house in the back of Klong Mad fishing village along … »
Ko Kut Express Boat The daily operating Koh Kut Express offers 140 seats in 2 air-conditioned rooms and brings people … »
Koh Kood Beach Resort Resorts Koh Kood Beach Resort is one of those few places on Koh Kood that really offers everything for the … »
Koh Kood Cabana Resorts Koh Kood Cabana occupies one of the best beachfront locations on the island. Ao Tapao Beach is … »
Koh Kood Garden Bungalows Koh Kood Garden is located along the main road that goes from Ao Salad in the North East to Ban Khlong … »
Koh Kood Hospital Koh Kood Hospital is the only hospital on Koh Kood. It’s a public hospital that works closely … »
Koh Kood Little Hut Bungalows Koh Kood Little Hut is the newest addition to the relatively unknown Hin Dam area where many people … »
Koh Kood Pharmacy Apart from the pharmacy at Koh Kood Hospital there is one official drug store on Koh Kood ... »
Koh Kood Resort Resorts Koh Kood Resort is located in the Northern corner of beautiful Bang Bao Bay which is known for its … »
Koh Kood Speedboat Boat Ao Thai Speedboat (also known as Ao Thai Marine Express) is our partner for private charters to and from Koh Kood. The most common trip is Laem Sok to Koh Kood and reverse. For each other request we will discuss the options with the captain and make a custom package.
Kood Life House for Rent The Kood Life is a brand new (2015) villa for rent on Koh Kood. The spacious house enjoys a tranquil … »
Lomyen Seafood Restaurant Lomyen Seafood is a new local style restaurant along the main road in the South of Koh Kood right next … »
Mangrove Bungalow Bungalows Mangrove Bungalow is a lovely family-run place in the Klong Chao centre of Koh Kood and it’s … »
Mark House Bungalow Bungalows,Restaurant,Shop Mark House Bungalow forms an important part of the central Klong Chao area on Koh Kood. It’s … »
Masala Haat Restaurant Masala Haat is the newest restaurant in Klong Chao village on Koh Kood that opened in November 2014 … »
Mata Guest House Guest House Mata Guest House is the latest addition to the range of low-budget accommodations in Khlong Chao … »
Medee Resort Resorts Medee Resort is a small family-run resort on a gorgeous location. The resort consists of only thirteen bungalows in a tropical garden, a restaurant and a stunning beach in front ... >>
Meow Massage Meow Massage has been on Koh Kood for more than 13 years already. People who enjoy a massage in their … »
Montana Hut Resorts Montana Hut has a unique location on one of the most beautiful spots of Koh Kood, surrounded by nature … »
Neverland Beach Resort Resorts As only accommodation on white sand Ao Jark Beach Neverland Beach Resort offers quite an amazing … »
Ngamkho Bay Beaches Ao Ngam Kho is located along the central Western coastline of Koh Kood where the water is calm and … »
Ngamkho Resort Bungalows Ngamkho Resort is a peaceful beach-front accommodation situated in the Southern corner of Ngamkho … »
Nine Shop Shop Nine Shop is conveniently located in the central Klong Chao area along the main road. Art and Kob … »
P.D. Guest House Guest House PD Guest House is on the road to the famous Klong Chao Waterfall. It’s one of the cheapest places … »
Pa Hin Sai Bungalows Pa Hin Sai (Forest of Rocks and Sand) can be found in the untouched South of Koh Kood where a short and … »
Paradise Divers Diving Paradise Divers operates since 20 years in the Koh Chang Archipelago. The founder Mr. Siggi Schalinski … »
Peter Pan Resort Resorts Peter Pan Resort has one of the best locations on the island at central Klong Chao Beach where … »
Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Pizza & Pasta has opened on Koh Kood in 2008 and still is the only Italian restaurant on the island. … »
Pong’s Sea Food Restaurant The local style restaurant of Ms. Pong is located along the main road in Ban Bang Bao. Heading South … »
Ra Beang Mai Bungalows,Restaurant Ra Beang Mai (previous name is Home Food & Bungalow) is located in the popular Klong Chao village … »
Relax House Bungalows Relax House is a new accommodation in the beautiful South of Koh Kood where the surroundings are … »
Rimklong Boutique Hotel Hotel Rimklong Boutique Hotel is located in the old centre of Trat which can be a lovely area to explore … »
Rung Aroeng Bungalows Rung Aroeng is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood along the main road where it offers tranquility … »
S-Beach Resort Resorts S-Beach Resort is a family run resort on a prime location in Ngamkho Bay. It’s not too far … »
Sai Daeng Beach Beaches Sai Daeng Beach or Haad Sai Deng can be found along the West coast of Koh Kood and is a relatively unknown … »
Sand and Sea Bungalows Tucked away in a corner of beautiful Bang Bao Bay is Sand and Sea that offers basic accommodation … »
Sea Far Resort Resorts Sea Far Resort is a brand new family-run accommodation on Tapao Beach which is absolutely stunning. … »
Shantaa Resort Resorts Shantaa Resort is a unique hotel on Koh Kood and it’s quite difficult for us to describe this … »
Shivoham Yoga Center Shivoham Yoga Center is the first and only place on Koh Kood dedicated to yoga. Yogi Gagan is the Yoga … »
Siam Beach Resort Resorts Siam Beach Resort occupies one of the best locations on Koh Kood and is one of the few accommodations … »
Siriwhite Speedboat Boat The daily operating speedboat of Siriwhite & CP Laem Sok Group brings people to Koh Kood in 60 … »
Soneva Kiri Resorts Intelligent luxury and slow life, those are the keywords for the spectacular Soneva Kiri Resort … »
Suanya Resort Resorts Suanya Resort is located in Klong Mad which is a small fishing village along the West coast of Koh … »
Sunset Bar Bar Sunset Bar is located along the main road that goes through the central Klong Chao area. It’s … »
Ta Yai Homestay Home Stay Ta Yai Homestay is a new place in Klong Chao along Khlong Chao River. Many people know this location … »
Takean Beach Beaches Takian Beach or Haad Takean is located in the South West of Koh Kood. Some maps and signs spell it as … »
TanYong BBQ Restaurant TanYong BBQ is a small roadside restaurant between Klong Chao and Ngamkho Bay next to Phonthip Pizza and opposite Paradise Divers & Happ Days Guest House.
Tawan Eco Bar Bar Tawan Eco Bar is a lovely small hillside bar in Ban Klong Chao. Definitely one of the places to go to … »
Thai Kitchen Ao Yai Restaurant Thai Kitchen Ao Yai is a brand new restaurant in Ban Ao Yai. Mr. Sanong is the friendly and very well … »
The Beach Natural Resort Resorts The Beach Natural Resort is located in the centre of beautiful & tranquil Bang Bao Bay. It’s … »
The Fisherman Hut Restaurant The Fisherman Hut is located in the middle of Ban Klong Chao just North of the concrete bridge. It’s … »
The Old Trees Things to See The unspoilt rainforest of Koh Kood is home to many ancient trees but two of them have become quite … »
The Sunshine Resort Resorts The Sunshine Resort used to be popular among Russian groups but the resort now … »
TinkerBell Resort Koh Kood Resorts TinkerBell Resort Koh Kood offers everything for a romantic holiday in paradise. With friendly … »
To The Sea Resort Resorts To The Sea Resort is a new resort with swimming pool on Koh Kood, it’s still under construction … »
Traditional Medicine Center The Thai Traditional Medicine Center is located on the property of Koh Kood Hospital in a separate … »
View Point Café Café A stay on Koh Kood without a visit to View Point Café is not complete! In November 2012 they opened … »
Water Storage Basin Things to See On the way to Ao Salad you'll find this huge fresh water storage basin.
Wave-F Hut Bungalows Wave-F Hut is located along the main road, just before Khlong Mad fishing village (coming from the … »
Wendy The Pool Resort Resorts Wendy The Pool Koh Kood is a romantic & brand new resort on beautiful Klong Chao Beach and has … »

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